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Picture of Baltic Birch Longboard

Over the course of three weeks, working about 50 minutes each day during engineering class in school, I built this longboard. Fully functional, sturdy and flexible, this board is a great project for all riders, regardless of skill level or ability.

Step 1: Get Your Wood

Picture of Get Your Wood

For this longboard, I used Baltic Birch Plywood. This wood is also know as Russian Birch and can be purchased at larger wood suppliers. It cannot be purchased, however, at Home Depot or Lowe's. This plywood is a good choice for its flexibility, and strength. Also, this plywood is rated for being 100% solid all the way through. This means there are no potential voids in between layers as you can get with conventional plywood. Maple is also another popular choice for longboards. I used three sheets of 3-ply plywood, creating a 9-ply board in the end.

seamster8 months ago
This turned out looking really slick. Nicely done on your board!
ncolaw20 (author)  seamster8 months ago
Thanks! I’m really happy with how it came out!
GeorgeF838 months ago
Do you have any drawings or reference to the curve used?