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Picture of Banana Hanger

This one was for my buddies sister. I like to make pieces that are at once functional and a form of sculptural art. I think this succeeds at that. There are almost limitless possibilities for a piece like this, I let the materials on hand help me decide the final form the piece should take.

Before you start let's talk about Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Use it. If you're new to welding invest in a good welding mask. Spend as much on it as you do on the welder itself. I use a 3M Speedglas. Worth every penny. Get a respirator designed to fit under a mask, the fumes aren't healthy, dust mask for grinding. Wear leather shoes, an leather apron, and good gloves. I have different gloves for different purposes: heavy gauntlet welding gloves, mechanic type gloves that offer more dexterity, and heavy padded leather gloves for using wire wheels on grinders. And lots of safety glasses and face shields.

On a side note I use a Lincoln 140 MIG welder with .035" diameter flux core wire and DeWalt right angle grinders. I also use lots of ViseGrips.

Step 1: Drawing

Picture of Drawing

Square nuts "spoke" to me on the day I put this together and would be come the core material element. The profile of it is key, it needs to be balanced correctly so that the bananas hand straight down and it won't tip.

Usually my sketches start small and need to be enlarged to actual size.

There's no wrong shape, draw what you like.

TomS4031 year ago

Nice work! How did you get the nice blue color under the clear coat?

MoreMetal (author)  TomS4031 year ago

hi! thanks! i think it's way more"blue" in the photo than it was in real life. i was pretty "silver" in person, might have been a reflection that made it blue.

to get a blue like that you can heat up the piece with a propane torch slightly, it'll turn blue (but then gray with too much heat)

Ah, thanks. Looks great!

Gadisha1 year ago

That's a very nice looking and practical gadget.

MoreMetal (author)  Gadisha1 year ago

Thanks! These are among my favorites to make.

studleylee1 year ago

That looks so very cool!!! I think it is the basis for alot of DIY erector set like beams for

fast prototyping things. Great mig work with controlled tack weld spots!. I'm going to make some tomorrow.

MoreMetal (author)  studleylee1 year ago

Thank you! I'll check out your work!

seamster1 year ago

The finished piece looks excellent, and the tips and suggestions you've sprinkled throughout make this a top-notch instructable for any new metalworkers - which I am. Very good info, thank you!! : )

MoreMetal (author)  seamster1 year ago

Thank you! I appreciate that! good luck! can't wait to see what you make!

I love that you want to combine function with sculptural art. This is a beautiful banana hanger :)

MoreMetal (author)  Penolopy Bulnick1 year ago

Thank you! I really enjoy making these! :)