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People often fall into one of two camps with Monopoly: Love it or hate it. (If you hate it, check the very end of the video for tips on play that might help the games not take as long. Biggest hint, re-read the rules!)

I happen to be in the category that enjoys playing the game.It has special meaning for my family since my mother grew up on Ventnor Ave outside of Atlantic City, one of the yellow properties in the game. She wasn't too far from Marvin Gardens, and we often took walks on the boardwalk while visiting my grandparents.

My oldest son went through a phase where he wanted to play Monopoly a lot, and our vintage style edition of the game didn't have anything to hold the money or properties. This meant keeping the bank organized during play was a losing battle. To solve the problem, I built us a banker station using walnut and maple. Later, I made another version out of red oak and maple so I could document the process. That is what is shown in this video and this Instructable.

Step 1: Measure the Money

Picture of Measure the Money

There seems to be some variance in the size of bills from one edition of Monopoly to the next. In my case, the bills were 1 3/4" by 3 3/4". In some sets, the bills are 2" x 4". So start by measuring the bills, as the money base measurements depend on it.

Add some extra space to the width and length (In my case I added 1/8" to the width, and 1/4" to the length) to figure out the size of money section.

Next, use this formula to figure out the dimensions:

  • Total Width = ( (W + D) x 6 ) + W
    • W = the desired width of the money section
    • D = the divider thickness
  • Total Length = L + 3/4
    • L = the desired length of the money section

So, in my case (Using decimal notation to make this easier), w = 1.875, d = 0.25 the formula becomes ( ( 1.875 + .25 ) x 6 ) + 1.875 = 14.625, or 14 5/8".

My total width of the money base was 14 5/8" and my total length was 4 3/4"

You can take a look at a 3D render of the finished model to get a feel for how the money dimensions influence the other dimensions. The opening between the frame divider and right side of the frame is 3" wide.

Looks great. I'm thinking of building something like this now. Maybe adding a fold down card holder so it closes and fits inside the box .

dnhandcrafted (author)  kenjackson741 year ago

That sounds like a great upgrade! Would love to see it if you end up building it!

Brenda1041 year ago

What a great thing to share.Beautiful design and a must have for the players of the game.Thank you!

dnhandcrafted (author)  Brenda1041 year ago

Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked the idea and design.

Yain131 year ago

What an elegant solution, as with all good design you wonder "why has no one done this before" (we're looking at you Hasbro and Waddingtons).

dnhandcrafted (author)  Yain131 year ago

Thank you! Our set as a kid had a plastic holder for the money, but nothing to hold the properties up like this. Thanks for the comment!

Wow; surprise, surprise, people are actually serious about this game ;) I liked the oil finish, it made the grain pop much more, and gives it a professional look. Cheers.

dnhandcrafted (author)  Brokk Hrafnsson1 year ago
Haha, only a little serious. Thanks for the kind words! I also love oil finish, but in this case it was shellac.

Well shuck, I'm sorry! I guess I confused what you said in step 13. Cheers from the West!

Such a cool project! I remember seeing the video months ago, but great job spelling it out here in written form.

dnhandcrafted (author)  Bruceaulrich1 year ago
Thanks Bruce! Slowly but surely getting more project videos into Instructables!
Troubah1 year ago

It really does add some appeal to the game. Well done !

dnhandcrafted (author)  Troubah1 year ago
Thank you!
lfoss1 year ago

Why does Monopoly not come with this?! This is AMAZING!!

dnhandcrafted (author)  lfoss1 year ago
Haha, thanks so much!

I have got to build this. I hate playing Monopoly with my daughter just because of the mess with the money and cards. This will make it more organized and tolerable. Nice build. I voted for it!

dnhandcrafted (author)  salmansheikh1 year ago
I hope you do build one! Thanks so much for the vote, and for the nice comment!
Rock Guy1 year ago

Fantastic design. Well executed.

dnhandcrafted (author)  Rock Guy1 year ago
Thank you!

Wow, fantastic Instructable. I grew up with Monopoly and agree with: Read The Rules. It makes for a much better game. Your precision workmanship is exemplary. Nicely done.


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dnhandcrafted (author)  Kink Jarfold1 year ago

Thank you! It really can be a fun game… especially when your opponent runs out of cash and you can snatch up properties for a song, haha. Thanks for reading and commenting! Have a great day.