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Picture of How to Make Fake Barbed Wire With Leather

Last Halloween I needed harmless and safe barbed wire to accomplish my costume. Instead of buying pre-built barbed wire made out of leather I decided to make it on my own.

Step 1: The Leather Strap

Picture of The Leather Strap

Due to the lack of silver leather straps I used a black and a natural leather strap and painted it with silver acrylic paint.

HaremCinema4 months ago
Love it. Looks great!
Leonard1953 made it!4 months ago
Play dough and a stick with moss
seamster7 months ago
This is deceivingly well done! Nice work!
alleshochladen (author)  seamster6 months ago
Thank you!
alleshochladen (author)  CHARLESCRANFORD6 months ago
Thank you!
LeslieGeee7 months ago
Well done thank you for sharing. My question is, why did you not add the small piece of leather in the beginning and adjust it after the wraps were made? Seems to me it would be simpler?
alleshochladen (author)  LeslieGeee7 months ago
Like TechDeals always says: Good question. Glad you asked.
Believe it or not: That is exactly what I've asked myself yesterday evening after finishing the close-up video. When I did the instructable in october last year the idea didn't came up to me. It isn't very easy to hold the pieces because the leather sometimes has it's own will. I guess it would have been less time-consuming. But that's the interesting part in my opinion: There ist no "only right way" to do this. It is just one of many ways. There is always a learning curve and a motivation to find a more efficient option.Please let me know if your idea worked better.
i agree that there are many ways to do a thing :) I just thought you may have tried what I was thinking and found a problem with doing it that way. Best to ask when not sure :) May I ask If you used 2mm leather lacing in the original silver version?
alleshochladen (author)  LeslieGeee7 months ago
Yes, 2 mm
Thank you.
alleshochladen (author)  LeslieGeee7 months ago
Your're welcome. The questions and discussions are helping me to make my instructable better; revealing errors or omissions. The response so far is way more I've expected. So, I thank you.
nirim7 months ago
Nice one.
alleshochladen (author)  nirim7 months ago
chandab7 months ago
What are the measurements on the extra pieces/wrapped pieces to make the barbs?
alleshochladen (author)  chandab7 months ago
I've added two pictures with the measurements today. BUT: At least the length depends on the thickness and stiffness of your leather. Take a longer piece and wrapp it around the twirly strand so many times you like it, maybe 3 or 4 times. Finish the knot by pulling the long side through the loop. Cut off the expendable part. Open the knot and you have your perfect length. This piece will be your reference.
Mattcais37 months ago
Very nice....I would just echo dannesys’ comment about the knotting. Very difficult to see clearly.
alleshochladen (author)  Mattcais37 months ago
Thank you very much. I've made a close-up video. Maybe you find this helpful.
dannesys7 months ago
Love the whole idea! It looks SO realistic. If it were not for the acrylic paint, my budgie would adore chewing and playing with it ... and this would look so mad & dangerous for any visitor! The knots are tricky to see being made but zooming in works well. Perhaps for non-knotters, some extra help for those might be good. Thank you for posting !
alleshochladen (author)  dannesys7 months ago
I've made a close-up video. Maybe you find this helpful.
alleshochladen (author)  dannesys7 months ago
Thank's a lot. I hope you will find a way to replace the acrylic paint.
ArleyB17 months ago
Well done . I will use this as I work with leather tooling and a maker .
alleshochladen (author)  ArleyB17 months ago
Thank you very much. I am overwhelmed by the positive response.
marc.ludena7 months ago
great idea. now i'm thinking about some cool use for this.
alleshochladen (author)  marc.ludena7 months ago
Thank you very much. I am overwhelmed by the positive response.
Ninzerbean7 months ago
Very impressive.
alleshochladen (author)  Ninzerbean7 months ago
Thank you. I'm glad you like it.
That is really impressive! It looks so much like barbed wire :)
alleshochladen (author)  Penolopy Bulnick7 months ago
Thank you very much. Honestly, I've tried this the first time and was surprised how realistic it turned out.