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Picture of Bead Woven Mixtape Pendant

It was the other day, that I read a modern crossstitch magazin and found a page with stitches mix tapes, that's when the idea came up to transfer it to beads an make a statement mix tape pendant :-)

Unfortunately my weaving loom was gone during the years so I needed to make a simple new one.

Step 1: Material and Tools

Picture of Material and Tools

For the loom:

  • empty (shoe) box
  • cutter knife
  • glue
  • ruler

For the weaving

  • black thread
  • thing long needle
  • beads in prefered color
  • cross stich pattern (design by lord libidan from xstitch magazine)

stiff silver band for final wearing

jessyratfink5 months ago
AHHHH! How cute is that? :D