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Picture of Beer tap at home - cool for party and for ordinary days

I always wanted to have the beer taps at home. You know, exactly the same like in bars or in restaurants. Why ? Because it is cool :) It can be used during parties, because You can pour anything You want from such taps: beer, cider, wine, water and even whiskey ('I've really tested it) and juice. It is up to You if You want to have gas in liquid (beer, cider) or no gas at all (water, whiskey etc).

So as You can see the beer taps could be also used during ordinary days. My kids love to pour the soda water from them. Really.

It turns that installation for home taps is in fact pretty easy. You will need:

- pepsi KEG (called also Cornelius) - this is the container for the liquids. I've bought used one, with a lot of scratches around but at 1/3 of the price of new one. The cost is about 30-50USD for used one.

- pipes (beer pipes 3/8 ") - made from some kind of plastic. They can hold the pressure easily if You want to have gas in liquids.

- John Guest accessories - to connect the pipes

- CO2 bottle - I've chosed the 5kg bottle which allow me to serve for up to 12 KEGs.

- reducer for the CO2 gas - to lower the pressure from the bottle

- valves for cornelius keg - easy to find in the internet

- taps - I recommend to use not china taps. China are the less expensive, but not very good quality.

Step 1: The board for the taps

Picture of The board for the taps

Taps could be installed in the wall without the board, but it is a lot of easier to install them in the board. In my opinion the pretty board makes them also look cooler. You can made the board alone, or You can find the CNC/wood shop in the internet and order whatever shape You like.

I've ordered the raw board in the CNC/wood shop. Without no protection coat. It is because I wanted to add an oil, same as I used for all other furniture in my kitchen. I've just wanted the board to fit to the rest.

First step is to carefully plan the places for the taps.

Next You need to drill the holes. You can use such drill like in the picture added to this step.

attosa3 months ago
That's gorgeous :) Congrats on your win!
afraser-kruck3 months ago
Good luck in the finals!
woodenProjects (author)  afraser-kruck3 months ago
thank You :)
AnandM543 months ago
Outstanding work!!
woodenProjects (author)  AnandM543 months ago
AnandM543 months ago
And also mention which one is beer and which one water and which one is cider.... In between party mode you guys forget to pour correct one !!
woodenProjects (author)  AnandM543 months ago
I'm planning to make some custom handles just to make sure that nobody will pour something what he/she don't want