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Picture of Better No-Cost Crampons

As winter rolled around, I got tired of slipping on icy pavement while getting to and from classes. I looked at purchasing a pair of inexpensive crampons, but the product reviews for most of them complained of the rubber pieces snapping. The nicer ones used spikes instead of chains, and I wanted something more low-profile.

Essentially, I wanted crampons that were:

  1. Inexpensive to make
  2. low profile and without spikes, so that if I accidentally walked inside with them they would not scratch the floor
  3. Easy and quick to slip on and off so that I could effectively use them to get to and from class without being late because I had to put on crampons.

So, I set out to make my own to meet my needs. I looked at a few instructables (and even attempted to make a few a while back, those weren't my best instructables) and came up with an even better design that combines these two instructables:

The finished crampons cost me nothing to make, and work great!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

You'll need:

  • Old bike inner tube. I used a 26x1.95, but another size will do. You can often get old popped ones by asking nicely at bike shops.
  • Scissors
  • Nuts. You'll need about 20, and preferably they should be all the same size.
jetwashnc made it!4 months ago
Was easy and fun crazy how well they work.
michelleg235 months ago
Great idea! Definitely putting this to use!! Thanks!!!
As I lost one of my husbands YaxTrax while walking around our yard this winter, I will definitely be making these! Thanks so much!
As you omitted the apostrophe in "husbands" I at first thought you'd lost your husbands in the garden! Very clumsy lady, I thought, then I imagined you scraping around the garden, following the YakTrak prints of your husbands in the snow, probably in some American cult, where you can marry two men...? The mind boggles, then I realized you'd just lost one of your husband's crampons.
The power of apostrophe. Haha
amcgamcg7 months ago
So clever, using the tubes to make rings! That's lateral thinking for you!
amcgamcg7 months ago
Great instructable: I shall make a pair for my sister who lives in Bonnie Scotand (Sconnie Botland)!
lfoss8 months ago
"benzene-like hexagons".. spoken like a true chemist. LOL. Awesome instructable! Love the Nike shoes also!!
masterbuilder (author)  lfoss7 months ago
Thanks! They are Nike Gatos
ice monster8 months ago
Great idea! As an avid Michigan hiker I wear out at least 2 pairs of Yak Trax every winter. I will definitely copy your idea. Because the Yaks use springs for traction they pick up leaves when walking on snow-free stretches. The hex nuts probably won't do that.
masterbuilder (author)  ice monster7 months ago
I was actually thinking about getting myself a pair of yaktrax before thinking of the idea for these!
ubicity7 months ago
When I lived in Northern Washington State, the logger would where these boots with spikes on the soles to grab on to the logs as the moved about. They were called calks but they were called corks by a lot of people. The businesses in the rural areas would have "No Corks" signs in their front windows. There has a medical condition called Darrington Measles. It was when you got kicked in the face, in a fight, by someone wearing corks!
jmdushi7 months ago
They look very solid and easy to make. You can glue Velcro on the strap that will make them easier to put on.
cprichard18 months ago
This is brilliant! Love it. Good job
mscott168 months ago
Natalina8 months ago
Great no cost alternative to microspikes. I have a store bought pair that is almost identical to this, and now I can't believe I didn't think to make them myself! Nice work.
Matlek8 months ago
Great way to reuse old bike inner tubes!
carlos66ba8 months ago
Nice design. I will copy :)
Waldemar Sha8 months ago
Hey! Thanks for refering to my project. It's definitelly an inventive way to develop the idea. Thumbs up.