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Picture of Birdhouse Plant Climber

Last summer, we decided to give the garden a complete overhaul and restored the shed. The old birdhouse was also in a bad state so we decided to make a new one too.

Where we live, it is usual to build houses with the garden over a tunnel which leads to the garages. In our case, the ground of our garden is only approx 40-50cm deep. For this reason, we could not drive a bird house pole into the ground and expect it to stay up for long. Hence, we had to think of a way to make a stable base so that the birdhouse would not get blown down by strong winds for example.

There are plenty of instructables for birdhouses but we decided to make our own design:

1. Because we wanted to incorporate a plant trough for climbing, flowering plants and make the bird house more colourful!

2. The trough acts as a weight and gives extra support.

I do not consider myself an expert craftsman so my instructables are just to give an idea. I am sure the experts will make a better job and if they would like to give some advice or suggestions then I will be very pleased!

Step 1: Choose Your Trough

Picture of Choose Your Trough

The dimensions are for my plant trough and are only indicative because it depends on the plant trough / vase you decide to use. My trough was 20cm x 45cm. So go and buy a plant trough you like most and make the frame accordingly.

misterxp (author) 7 months ago
Thanks! Now it is snowing here they really enjoy it! cos me a fortune in bird seed!
Kink Jarfold7 months ago
Yes, once the plant grew it really made what you did look great. Hope the birds are enjoying it. --Kink--
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