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Picture of Birds of PLAY

This was in the Make magazine a couple of years ago, and when we were participating in the Tech Challenge 2016, Taking Flight, we made these gliders to prototype (we thought using the gliders in the shape of birds would be fun at the competition) and understand the mechanics of flight.

I don’t quite remember what the instructions were except that we drew gliders in the shape of birds on a foam plate and experimented with different combination of shapes in gliders and tails.

This is a great project you can do with your children/students inexpensively. I hope you try this and have a lot of fun.

Step 1: List of Materials:

Picture of List of Materials:
  • Foam plates
  • Paper clips
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive tape (optional)
  • Pens or Pencils
rubble12348 months ago
what made u think to make them theyre quite clever
Kto6Science (author)  rubble12342 months ago
Thanks. Now try them with triangular shapes.
Kto6Science (author)  rubble12343 months ago
I saw something similar in a book for triangular planes. Then I saw another similar idea in a MAKE magazine. So, I've combined both and came up with something a little different.