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Remember Bitcoin?.... the decentralized, new age currency, that was once traded at $19K which was supposed to revolutionize the global payment system. Well, it turns out that there are less than 3,585,825 Bitcoins left to mine. Around a year ago, I came across this post on r/bitcoin that talked about building a Bitcoin Clock across the street from the famous NYC Debt Clock. But instead of counting up like the debt clock, the Bitcoin Clock would count down how many bitcoin remains to be mined. This got me thinking.

Introducing Bitcoin Bar, a physical LED Dashboard that displays important Bitcoin information such as Price, Total Bitcoins left to mine, Blocks until the reward is halved, Hash rate, etc. You can customize and choose what specific parameters you wish to display from this list

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Are you a programmer, engineer or designer who has a great idea for a new feature in Bitcoin Bar? Maybe you have a good idea for a bug fix? Feel free to grab the code from Github and tinker with it. Bitcoin Bar: GitHub

Step 1: Parts Required

Picture of Parts Required
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Electronic Components:
Raspberry Pi 3 - AliExpress
LED Matrix Display - AliExpress
White LED 10mm - AliExpress
Resistor 100-ohm - AliExpress LCSC
5V USB Power Adapter - AliExpress

Soldering Iron Station - AliExpress
Solder Wire - AliExpress

Other Materials:

  • 5mm MDF & 5mm Acrylic
  • Glue
  • Paint
stmoloud7 months ago
Is it mould growing on that PI?
Great project I will do it as I need to track how much I am losing.
But with one that is newer.
Jonathanrjpereira (author)  stmoloud7 months ago
Great! Share some photos when you make one. The Pi got a few rusty spots.
Jonathanrjpereira (author) 7 months ago
No Pi's we're harmed in the making of this Instructable.
zapro7 months ago
Oh my, what happened to that poor Pi?!
Jonathanrjpereira (author)  zapro7 months ago
He's sick. Lol.
These comments are hilarious. I too want to know what happened to that Raspberry Pi! The mystery is extremely compelling.
Am I the only one to have a weird Pi. How do y'all manage to keep it so shiny.
Orngrimm7 months ago
Please tell us the story of this Raspberry! It seems to been gone thru hell and back with all the corrosion. This normally is the result of an awesome project... :)
Jonathanrjpereira (author)  Orngrimm7 months ago
I have used that Pi in a few other projects. Can't wait to share them.
tytower7 months ago
Hope you built in plenty of downside capability . Seems its the only way its going atm.
Did you see the MIT advance on blockchains to reduce massively the time investment needed for individual data startup ?