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Picture of Black Panther Kimoyo Bead Bracelet With Light Up Prime Bead

You don't need Vibranium to make a set of Black Panther Kimoyo beads to wear. These Kimoyo beads or bracelet are worn by the characters in the movie Black Panther to serve as a communication and data storage device.

What is fascinating is that the costume design draws several elements from various African tribes that do exist. The symbols and design motifs have a deeper meaning than just looking cool as part of a costume. It is a great way to learn about other cultures by doing your own research.

Step 1: Carved in Stone...

Picture of Carved in Stone...

Since I have no Vibranium, the special element that exists from Wakanda in the Marvel universe, I will make the bracelet from wooden beads.

I used 25mm/1 inch diameter wooden beads. They already had a hole drilled through to pass a cord through to connect them into a bracelet.

I got some elastic hair ties to use as the cordage. You could also use a non-elastic cord such as a thin strip of leather or maybe paracord but will not stretch for a better fit on the wrist.

I was thinking about how to make a light up Prime bead and could have worked at hollowing out a wooden bead but I saw these plastic spheres in the paracord section of the craft store that would be good to use.

Plastic balls are great to light up with LEDs because they diffuse light so well. Ping pong balls would be too big for our bracelet and these were the right size to match the other wooden beads.

I found online a reference that had all the symbols that are on the Black Panther Kimoyo beads. It's just one of many but you can also look through pictures of other made Kimoyo beads or come up with your own layout order or scheme and give it meaning. There are four symbols on each bead.

I drew them on with marker. I stuck a dowel in the hole so it would be easier to handle while working with a round sphere. By the way, they have their own mind when they roll about on the table and bounce in random directions and under something when they fall off. Keep them all in one spot with a bowl or tray.

I used a portable Dremel to route out or carve the symbols. You could also do this with a woodcarving tool with a gouge blade. I wanted to give the symbols a 3-dimensional engraved look. I just picked out a bit that was in the accessory pack with the Dremel tool. I'm not even sure it is for wood carving but I used it anyway.

There are some challenges to carving out a straight line on a sphere. You have to keep the piece clamped down to keep it from spinning or moving as you work it. The surface is not flat and the grain will take the tool where it wants to. The Dremel tool is backheavy so it takes practice to use it like an engraving pen.

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