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Blindfolded 5A yoyo trick and combo

Blindfolded yoyoing is not only about skill but also a higher understanding of the way a trick is constructed. When you do a trick pay attention to your individual hand movements and distance between hands when playing.
Though I am blindfolded I can still see the trick in my mind so much that I visualize the trick and gauge an approximation as to where the counterweight will land. I do this by controlling the momentum I give the counterweight and yoyo to provide consistent results.

I suggest watching the video a couple times again, paying attention to each hand on separate viewings. Notice the automatic anticipation of each new move.

Do not let your eyes become a crutch. Yoyoing is not only about sight but also about feel. Your eyes should be used to calibrate your moves not define them.

Step 1:

yoing skater11 years ago
sick video congrats bro nice one!
kinopah11 years ago
not "merely" unbelievable. this brief video should more IMPORTANT to yo-yoers than any of the available prizes. regardless of style, this is the kind of familiarity with our art for which we should all strive. thanks.
theadamlevy11 years ago
very impressive i plussed it
Hellchild11 years ago
HOLY $#!! WOAH!!!!!!!!
thebboy11 years ago
THAT IS INSANE! wow. this should deinetely win
Sweet! All right, how long did it take you to do that?
GorillazMiko11 years ago
Way cool! Definitely deserved to be on the front page (featured). Great job.