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Picture of Borderlands Handsome Jack Shield Generator Prop for Cosplay

Welcome to my tutorial on how to make a 3D printed Handsome Jack's shield generator!

My name is Lazaro Gomez and although I am not brave enough to Cosplay, I do enjoy making props for other people to build, modify, and enjoy out on the convention floor.

Here is how I made this prop / kit.

Step 1: Step 01 : Modeling

Picture of Step 01 : Modeling

I started modeling the piece using photo reference from the internet and 3D Builder that is native to Windows 10.

Once I was happy with the results I exported the STL file and moved on to getting the piece ready for printing.

eggselent8 months ago
Good prop! I'll have to make this when my printer arrives! Also, what kind of plastic was used, basic PLA?
BOT10ART (author)  eggselent7 months ago
Cool! I look forward to seeing how yours turns out. Yes, PLA plastic is what I use.