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Brief Introduction to Vacuum Forming for making Dollhouse Scale Miniatures

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Bubble Tea 2.jpg
Bubble Tea.jpg

I don't have easy access to 'proper' tools and such, so after reading up online, watching Youtube videos, and adapting from various Japanese miniaturists' blogs, I put together a tiny vacuum forming setup.

This is my third vacuum forming box, used for items smaller than ~2cm wide. I've used it to make 1:12 scale miniature bubble tea cups, yoghurt pots, plates, bowls, supermarket trays and punnets.

I briefly discuss the tools and plastic materials I use for my simple table-top setup. Nothing too detailed, more for those who haven't yet heard of this method and wondered how I made my items :)

COtterstrom843 months ago
Is there a video attached to this that I cannot see?
walkernstan4 years ago
A bit thin on content.
Snowfern (author)  walkernstan4 years ago
thanks for the feedback. Any suggestions?
wheeljam4 years ago
Cool. but give some instructions on how to do this ourselves
Snowfern (author)  wheeljam4 years ago
Yes, I have plans to perhaps when I have more time :)