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This bag is different in many ways form the briefcases I normally make. First of all it has a 3 piece gusset which is something I have never done before. Also it is made from undyed leather which is actually very different to work with compared to dyed leather. This came as quite a surprise as I was not excepting any major differences. The undyed leather gets marks and scratches much easier. Also when bending it around a buckle it is not necessary to wet it to prevent it from cracking.

This bag is very heavily inspired by Boles single minister briefcase:

Step 1: Pattern

Picture of Pattern

If you decide to use this pattern remember to double check the dimensions and change them to your needs. Also take into consideration that this pattern (like most of my patterns) is not perfected in any way as I only have made one of these so far.

Things to be aware of is the spacing of the holes for the handle in the metal strip. I made them 18 cm apart but it really depends on the width of your handle and the billets.

Regarding the billets I might make them a tad smaller next time. Also if you do not want the extra d-ring for the shoulder strap the strip on the billet should be shorter. This again will change how the holes in the metal strip should be placed.

For the gusset I made the channels for the bends 1,1 cm from the edge. You might want to take this down a bit to maybe 1,0 or 0,9 cm instead. Adjust the pattern accordingly.

Amelia7422 months ago
This is a very chic design. You are so talented.

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rlobrecht4 months ago
Very nice Instructable. The detailed photos really help explain what you are doing. The bag itself and your leatherwork is also fantastic. Voted.
Andersenleather (author)  rlobrecht4 months ago
Thank you and thanks for the vote :)
Cherzer4 months ago
That handle turned out so well! Your photos made it seem attainable. Beautiful work!
Andersenleather (author)  Cherzer4 months ago
Thank you. I also really like that handle +its very comfortable.
CHRISU294 months ago
Inspiring and nice! I love this.
pemazzei4 months ago
Very is a master piece!
AnandM544 months ago
Professional worker in leather.... Clear instructables and photos are really superb.. Impressive one ..
rhallett4 months ago
Amazing, your work is really inspiring me to get into leather work!
SamPB4 months ago
Your bags and tutorials are always amazing! I made a two-piece gusset bag last year, based on your pattern and blog instructions and all I can say is that you make what seems complicated quite simple! So, you have my vote on this contest! :)
seamster4 months ago
This is a stellar instructable. Top marks for thorough documentation and fantastic high quality images!! Well done :D
This is really impressive! I can't beleive all that goes into each of the individual parts :)