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Hi, in this instructable we will give life to our old CDs, this time we will create a hummingbird shaped mobile with beautiful colors and reflections.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
  • Some CDs
  • A small wooden sphere
  • A walnut-shaped wood to form the body
  • Hot silicone
  • Wood glue
  • Scalpel
  • Cooking shears
  • Ruler
  • Black plasticine
  • Round balsa sticks
  • Vitraplom golden color
  • Fuchsia and purple markers
That Redhead2 months ago
You are so talented!
miranda_sarmi (author)  That Redhead2 months ago
Muchas gracias !!! :)
rachymarie5 months ago
So beautiful, such a great idea. I've always thought CDs were underrated in their beauty and you've really highlighted that
miranda_sarmi (author)  rachymarie4 months ago
Thank you very much! :)
wyldecent5 months ago
This is the coolest use of old CDs I've seen -- great work! How well does this hold up outside?
Alpha_geek5 months ago
Wow, what a stunning use for these old CD’s!

I've got a stack of old CD's and I've been thinking that there must be something that cam be done with them to avoid them going to land fill, but all of the other projects I've seen have been ... clumsy, ugly, and generally not very nice.

However, I think your project is a game changer, and I'm guessing we'll see more and more projects along similar lines.

Congratulations on the design, and congratulations for a great Ible.
miranda_sarmi (author)  Alpha_geek5 months ago
Thank you very much for such a nice comment. I hope the tutorial has inspired you to make beautiful designs in your home.
You are most welcome ... :-)

I am in the extremely fortunate situation where I have a CNC router in the basement, which obviously removes the limitations of cutting along simple chord lines, and my first thought is to fashion the CD's into fish or reptile scales ... we'll see what I come up with ... :-)
miranda_sarmi (author)  Alpha_geek5 months ago
Wow! What a good idea! I hope you have a nice project and you can show me your creation.
attosa5 months ago
This is immense. Nice work.
miranda_sarmi (author)  attosa5 months ago
Thank you very much!
nirim5 months ago
Thumb up for the imagination.
miranda_sarmi (author)  nirim5 months ago
Thank you :)
AnandM545 months ago
Wow amazing instructable.... Looking so cute friend ..!!
miranda_sarmi (author)  AnandM545 months ago
Thank you! :)
WUVIE5 months ago
Simply in awe, I find myself saying WOW out loud over and over. Well done!
miranda_sarmi (author)  WUVIE5 months ago
This is the nicest comment I've received on Instructables. Thank you! I feel really flattered.