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Picture of Build Stork, the easy but amazing flying wing!

Why is it easy? Because you can build it in ten minutes (the exact
time depends on the glue), using a pair of scissors, an A4 cardboard sheet, some glue and a 15-20 cms stick.

And why is it amazing? Because this model may glide surprisingly far; when balanced well, the flying path may be 30-40 meters. I've tested this small model in a large gymnasium, and it flew from wall to wall.

Since the building time is so short, this model may be built multiplied to keep an airplane contest in a classroom or a camp meeting, too.

I found the original version in a classroom activity page, and made some of them for my special students in the school, then edited a bit and named "Ciconia", what means "stork" in Latin, because this small flying wing glides like a stork.

Step 1: Tools & materials







-An A4 sheet cardboard, NOT copy or light printer paper. It mustn't be too floppy.

-A wooden stick, lenght is cca 15-20 cms. (We use coffee-sticks from StarBucks, but you can also find other similar ones, for example barbecue sticks, creative shop balsa stick, or any...)

Nice :D
BigCthulhu (author)  Anirudh Ralhan2 years ago