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Picture of Build Your Own Blues Harmonica Microphone

This tutorial guides you through building your own tone-filled blues harmonica microphone from easily sourced, inexpensive parts. It sounds great. Total parts cost between $30 and $70. Your labor is free. Assembly time runs 1-3 hours depending on your soldering skills.

Step 1: Harp Players Skill

Picture of Harp Players Skill

The most important aspect of amplified blues harmonica sound is the individual player’s skill. Couple that with a microphone and amplifier, and you might find your own satisfactory tone. It will take a long time to tweak what how you want to sound. Most pros will tell you your acoustic playing should precede any work you do amplified. I agree. But there is still the lure of plugging a mic into an amp and having a wail with your harps.

James Cotton’s acoustic skill was superb, and when he cranked up the amp next to Muddy, it was a whole other world.

Now we need an Instructable on how to play the harp.
A fine Instructable, clear, well-illustrated and to the point.
Thank you. Somewhere, Dennis is smiling.
jessyratfink6 months ago
This was a really interesting read!
Simple Mics (author)  jessyratfink6 months ago
Thanks much. It took forever to research and compose. A month of work over two years of research. I'm bound to upset some pro microphone builders. I'm letting people see behind the curtain.