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Picture of Build a Fireplace Prop for the Stage

We need to build a fireplace for our local dance studio. They have been using a fireplace created from cardboard covered in fabric for a decade now. The hope is that this one lasts for another decade of Twas the Night Before Xmas.

Step 1: Design

Picture of Design

I created the design in Visio, but you can use any design program. I recommend:

I had a couple of requirements:

  • 6 foot tall in order to hide dancers standing behind the fireplace.
  • Door opening wide and tall enough for Santa to comfortably back through.
  • Stable enough that it won't knock over with adults and kids moving through it.
  • Comes apart to make it easy to transport and move on/off stage.

I chose to build with 2" EPS styrofoam. It is sturdy, easy to cut and glue, and very light. The resulting dimensions ended up:

  • 6' tall
  • 7' wide
  • 18" deep

Designing in Visio is a great way to check dimensions and perspective. I found it was also really good for laying out the cuts on my styrofoam. This allowed me to make more efficient cuts and quickly knew which piece to cut next.

Great looking stage prop.