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Picture of Build a Stick Chair in 1 Hour!!

I used this 1 hour contest to challenge myself to see if I could actually make this chair in 1 hour and I did it and had 40 seconds remaining on my timer!! This is why I love Instructables it gives me ideas and fun contest to enter and maybe even win something along the journey!!

Step 1: Cut Material

Picture of Cut Material

Cut list and hole location

drilled at 1.5" and 25" centered on the Board

  • 2- 42"
  • 2- 29 1/4"
  • 4-31 1/2"

drilled at 1.5" and 12" centered on the Board

  • 2-35"
  • 6-15"

Drilled at 1.25" and 1.25 inches on each end centered on the Board

wagedu1 month ago
Wonderful project!
Just a question: you'd say the sticks are what, about 2 x 1 1/4 inches? I am guessing since it looks like you made them out of 2x4s cut into three.
Also, it seems the 9 - 9 1/8 are missing from the end of the "Cut list and hole location"
Again, awesome 'able :)
bpoulton (author)  wagedu1 month ago
2 and 1/8 take into acount for the saw blade
wagedu bpoulton1 month ago
Do you mean 1 1/8? Cutting 4" into 3 can't be 2 1/8...
CaoimhinC2 months ago
I saw this last week in France sold in a shop for about 200 EURO.
I remember my father making this chair in the late '70s or very early '80s. I wonder where the original design came from?
bartworker2 months ago
Awesome project, might be making this one of these! Just one question, how's it holding up? Those tiny legs seem a bit fragile for an average 80 kilos person, no?
bpoulton (author)  bartworker2 months ago
Holds up great i have 1 used for some time and i am 220 lbs