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Picture of Bushcraft Leather Belt Kit

Badass stuff deserves Badass envelopment, right ? Well this is my low budget version of my Bushcraft Leather Belt Kit.

I really need where to carry my Camping Knife and my awesome Fire box and leather its the perfect material to do it. I really love the old and messy look that show my Bushcraft leather Kit.

Im not a Leather working expert so I let the pictures shows the whole process.

Step 1: Gathering Old Leather and Making Tools.

Letaher, nowadays has become a rare material to find. I found in my grannys home an old leather seat from an old chair and a pair of my son's leather shoes. Fair enough stuff to begin.

There are some leather working tools that I had to improvise with a broken bolt and a stainless steel fork.

The largest piece of leather have some 30 years so before start to work I soaked in warm water.

MattJKF4 months ago
Very inspirational! Good job sir!
john pedersen4 months ago
Looks good Mr. Sanchez, I like the reuse of the old leather and shoes.
Mr.Sanchez (author)  john pedersen4 months ago
Thanks , I had a lot of fun making this kit
ultron034 months ago