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Picture of Buzz Wire Scavenger Hunt Clue

This Instructable will show you how to build a hi-tech version of the game "Buzz Wire" that can be used as a clue in scavenger hunt, or can be adapted for other challenges.

Step 1: The Idea

Picture of The Idea

Buzz Wire is a game kind of like operation, but with a twist (literally)! The objective is to get a ring around a twisted wire without touching it. In the classic version of this game, if the ring touches the wire, a buzzer will go off or a light will flash. I wanted to build a version of this game as part of a scavenger hunt for my significant other's birthday. As such, i needed a way to hide a clue within the game. This Instructible will go over how to use an Arduino and an LCD screen to build an updated version of this game that will display a message only upon successful completion of the game! Best of all, there is no way to cheat (unless you understand the circuit!)

Nancyt8411 months ago

Profound technical knowledge i got.