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This time I will make my very first project from leather. How I did it - you can check by looking DIY video or you can follow up instructions bellow.

For this project you will need:


Leather (1.6-1.8mm thickness)

Gum tragacanth

Waxed nylon thread

Leather cement (weld, glue or in any other name)

Money Clip


Edge beveler

Burnishing tool

Stitching groover

Stitching chisel with 4mm spacing

Two needles



Rotary tool

Sanding drum (320 grit)

Utility knife

Step 1: The Idea

Picture of The Idea

After thinking about this material for a long time, I finally bought some essential tools and started working on this card holder / money clip from leather.
Stay with me until the end of the video and we will compare this quick sketch with the finished product.

Dwargh16 days ago
Looks awesome!!
i cannot find a money clip of that design anywhere, not that isn't already built into something..where did you get yours? this is a very functionally simple design and i dig it but i can't find the piece to make my own like you have.
Perfect timing! My father in law has one just like this except with card holders on both sides. I told him I would make him one. Because he likes the one he has, but it's falling apart. I wasn't quite sure on how to do the money clip part.
I love the card holder design and how the red thread stands out so well from the black leather :)