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These easy-to-make card and photo holders look great, work well, and would make perfect gifts or products to sell at craft fairs or on Etsy.

The curved cut lets these stands support even thinner paper that would otherwise fall over if the slot were straight. They use only a small amount of wood to make one, and can be built with limited tools.

They came about as I was prototyping an idea – and got fascinated with making this curved cut. I found several different ways to do it, and eventually tried making the cut with a jigsaw instead of my band saw to make the project accessible to more woodworkers.

So grab your jigsaw, and lets dive in!

Step 1: Tools & Supplies

Picture of Tools & Supplies

As with most woodworking projects, they can be tackled multiple ways. I've attempted to use limited tools on this build and hopefully you already have most of these in your shop. If you have access to a bandsaw, you can of course use that in place of the jigsaw.

For tools and supplies you’ll need:

  • Jigsaw with a titling base and a clean cutting blade
  • Either wood glue or CA glue
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Pencil
  • Compass
  • Sandpaper of various grits
  • Wood finish
  • A few clamps
  • Playing card you don't mind cutting up
  • Double sided tape (Unless you have a vise)

Optional tools (That will speed up the build)

  • Random orbital sander or belt sander
  • Small hand saw (I use a pull saw in the video)
domino88 made it!8 months ago
I made 5 as a last minute Christmas present. They came out great and they are so useful! The only picture I got from them was when I was spraying varnish on them... I'll make more! Many thanks again for sharing.
dnhandcrafted (author)  domino888 months ago
Wow, great job! I'm super impressed how clean the lines are! I made another batch just last week. Thanks so much for taking the time to share the photo of what you made! I'm really glad you found it useful.
domino8811 months ago

Hi, this is just what I needed. I will make a bunch. I would consider using a spray can of laquer/varnish instead of oil because I would be concened the photos would absorb the oil... Very nice idea!!

dnhandcrafted (author)  domino8811 months ago
I’m glad you liked the project! I had considered the oil concern as well - Danish Oil is a curing oil, but I am not sure if it can still stain paper after it’s cured. Using lacquer would eliminate any risk for sure. Good luck with the build!
logonfire11 months ago

Nice job with simple tools!

dnhandcrafted (author)  logonfire11 months ago
Thank you!
Bruceaulrich11 months ago

These are such cool little pieces. Great job, Doug!

dnhandcrafted (author)  Bruceaulrich11 months ago
Thanks for the comment and the kind words Bruce!