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Picture of Cartoon-Inspired Origami Planes

Hi, there!

This is an easy, fun little project.

I learned to make these paper airplanes when I was a little girl living in South Korea. At that time, this cartoon movie, Mazinga-Z (Z is pronounced jet) was very popular. It saved people and the Earth from evil scientists and aliens (I think...). This is a take on the planes that flew together and separated to make the top of the robot's head.

The plane itself can separate into three pieces, and each of them can fly on its own (each with its pilot, etc.).

Oh, one last thing. These planes won't fly. They are too heavy, but they sure are neat!

Step 1: Gather your supplies.

Picture of Gather your supplies.
  • Three pieces of square paper.
CH33CH_420 made it!3 years ago
Simple with awesome results
Kto6Science (author)  CH33CH_4202 years ago

I love it. Thanks!. By the way, where did you get the paper. I love the geometric patterns. They look as if it's something you'd find on a UFO with energy grids or something.

Kto6Science (author)  CH33CH_4203 years ago

Thanks for sharing. It looks great.

that is really cool

Kto6Science (author)  Spencer Dengate 2 years ago


AdhamEsp made it!4 years ago
Kto6Science (author)  AdhamEsp 3 years ago

Thanks for making it. It looks great. Believe it or not, I've never tried it with one color. I like the sleek and clean look.

it looks great with one color try it

Kto6Science (author)  AdhamEsp 2 years ago

OK. I will. Thanks for trying it.

Kto6Science (author)  AdhamEsp 4 years ago

Wow! That's awesome. Thanks for sharing it.