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Picture of Cat-a-way - Computer Vision Cat Sprinkler

Problem - Cats using your garden as a toilet

Solution - Spend a too much time over engineering a cat sprinkler with auto youtube upload feature

This is not a step by step, but an overview of construction and some code

#BeforeYouCallPETA - The cats are fine, its a low pressure sprinkler just like rain, that they can outrun before it even pivots around to them. The project is not to soak a cat, but to shew them away before they litter my garden with the cat version of Barkers Eggs.

Step 1: Main Items Required

Picture of Main Items Required

Raspberry Pi zero & SD card

Raspberry Pi camera


555 timer.... (or an arduino and another relay if your 555 timers don't arrive)



Some kind of housing for the electronics

A willingness to hit a metaphorical nail with a 6 tonne sledge hammer

A camera with so little resolution you can barely see the water, but can still see the cats running for cover

studleylee9 months ago
LOL!!! poor kittehs.
Awesome! I need something like this to get rid of the squirrels in my garden.