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Picture of Champagne Skirt

Weddings and Gala events seem to be less an opportunity to celebrate love and more about impressing your guests no matter the cost. I don't like to play games I can't win, so here is how I chose to impress the guests at my wedding. Let me introduce the Champagne Skirt, it holds one hundred glasses of Champagne and glides effortlessly over hard surfaces.

The skirt is made from six hoops and five vertical ribs. Three of the hoops carry Champagne flutes while the rest are structural. The skirt itself weighs about thirty pounds; full of Champagne and flutes it tips the scales at ninety pounds. The whole frame is sitting on polyurethane casters which makes moving around a non issue.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you would like me make you one. I have ONE in stock!

Step 1: Plan It Out

Picture of Plan It Out

Attached are the dimensions I used for my Champagne Skirt. Depending on your height and width, you will want to alter the model to support your needs. The casters add about five inches, so be sure to factor that into your design. You can add or remove hoops as you see fit. I like to keep the top hoop free of drinks and don't like having drinks too low as people may not be able to reach them.

marianwood27 days ago
Please send me price looking for an event October 3rd in SC
joe.andolina (author)  marianwood26 days ago
The skirts cost $2500 PM sent with more infofmation.
Hello Joe. I am also interested to purchase this dress. I was reading in the comment your price is 2500$ is that correct?
Thank you
Stafan211225 days ago

I cannot make this but really would like to purchase can you please contact me with prices? And also what designs you have

Thank you very much
showbiz831 month ago
Hi, Can I purchase one of these? I'm from Australia.
joe.andolina (author)  showbiz831 month ago
Please check your inbox, I sent a message to help figure out shipping.
LydiaWilts4 months ago
Hello! I was wondering about cost of getting a skirt made! Thanks!
ncminite4 months ago
Hey Joe! Do you take custom orders? If so, can you please share an estimated cost for the attached image? It doesn’t need to be worn but we’d like to have a similar piece suspended. Thank you!!
joe.andolina (author)  ncminite4 months ago
Thanks for your interest and for reaching out. I'll PM you with details.
Jlolova20025 months ago
hi, please send priciing and any other info needed I d like one. ty
Can you build one that would hold shot glasses or does it need to be a stemmed? And can you send me a quote? Looking to do it with tequila samples for Cinco de Mayo. Thanks!
cladera6 months ago
Please send me price. Thank you
joe.andolina (author)  cladera6 months ago
PM Sent
cladera6 months ago
Hey, I’d like to get one, would you post it? Thank you
Henrichate6 months ago
Nice work. I will be building one and just wondering how thick is the 1" flat bar? 1/8" or 1/4"?
joe.andolina (author)  Henrichate6 months ago
Most people ask me to build them, it is great to hear you are making one! I use 1/8" or 12 gauge flat stock. Recently I started threading the holes in the ribs so there is no need for the weld nuts. Please post pics of your progress.
Brindamani7 months ago
Could you please send me pricing info for the champagne skirt. Thank you
joe.andolina (author)  Brindamani7 months ago
PM Sent
KenishaD18 months ago
Can you please send me the pricing info. Thank you so much
sbgarror8 months ago
please send information on price to have one made. and the turn-around time. Thanks
please send price and turn around time to have on champagne dress on wheels made
joe.andolina (author)  sbgarror8 months ago
Thank you for your interest, PM sent!
DestinyA168 months ago
Please information on price. I would need this ship to NC by the end of February
joe.andolina (author)  DestinyA168 months ago
PM Sent
ChiquitaW28 months ago
Hi interested in the price to have one made
joe.andolina (author)  ChiquitaW28 months ago
Thank you for your interest, PM sent.
Marissamm199210 months ago
Please let me know an average quote for this to be made! Thanks :)
joe.andolina (author)  Marissamm199210 months ago
Thank you for your interest, PM sent.
MaryingCarbon11 months ago
Also interested to have one made for my upcoming wedding in May 2019. Please PM me!
RobertM79611 months ago
What is the cost for a finished skirt?
SianP411 months ago
How much to have one made? Thanks
shaun010111 months ago

Pricing info wanted...

KathieR511 months ago

Looking for a price on one of these amazing dresses please!!!???!!!

SophiaT2611 months ago

Hi there, could you please send me a quote for 1 of these? I'm based in United Kingdom. Many thanks

MarianelaM12 months ago
How much you carge for 1 skirt
joe.andolina (author)  MarianelaM12 months ago

PM Sent

I am an event producer in Portland, OR Do you know of someone in Portland, that has this hood skirt and does events? Seattle could be another option. My event is October 20th. Thanks

joe.andolina (author)  draeshanley1 year ago

PM Sent

janeen901 year ago

Hi Joe,

Can you email a quote of how much one strolling champagne skirt would cost? I am interested in purchasing a skirt. Thank you!

Deezy1231 year ago

how much to make and ship?

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