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Picture of Changeble Face Lanterns

The idea of these "lanterns" is that you can make different faces for the lantern and that way you can change them for the seasons or holidays! They are built to hold a standard size battery powered candle...that way you can turn on the candle once and it will come on each night! These make great gifts! I made one for my mom and send her a new face for each holiday!

Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed.

Picture of Materials and Tools Needed.

2 fence planks 6'x61/2" @ $1.59 each

1 1/2" 4d trim nails- I use Maze brand HT150 @ $5.89 (box) 1 lantern will take around 20 nails

1" fine thread drywall screws GripRite 1lb box @ $8.25 but you will only need 2 screws

1 bottle of Elmer's Carpenter's Wood Glue 8oz @ $2.97

Assorted sandpaper- 80&100 grit


tape measure, wood clamps (if using jig saw for the wood cutting), carpenters square,

carpenters pencil, jig saw, straight edge, hammer, rags to clean up glue, drill with drill bits


This project is made with pressure treated fence planks, cut, assemble, sand and paint in a well ventilated area. Wear safety glasses and a dust mask when sanding. DO NOT burn scrap pressure treated wood.

JackB647 months ago
very nice ,unless they are made for outdoors, i wouldn't be using pressure treated wood for indoor items
JasonF205 (author)  JackB647 months ago
Actually, the ones I've made are for outdoors! At Halloween we hang several of them in a tree, very cool look at night.
misterxp7 months ago
Great instructable but What is a scroll blade ? The only blades I can find for my jig saw are too big to cut such details. I have tried to grind them in the past and it is better but if the sell suitable blades I will look harder! Thanks for sharing!
JasonF205 (author)  misterxp7 months ago
I found them at the Home Depot. Very thin, works well but it does take practice! I did buy a cheap scroll saw but it saves me time just using the jig saw.
Lorddrake8 months ago
how did you make the one face on the far right of your main picture have a green glow. Did you attach colored cellophane to the inside of the faceplace to change the color of the light?
JasonF205 (author)  Lorddrake8 months ago
Instead of the LED candle I used a dollar store pumpkin light that changes color.