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Picture of Colorant-free and Vegan Purple Pie

I present to you my recipe of this vegan apple, berries, and nuts pie! I love purple and I thought a purple dough would look lovely and yummy but I didn't want to use chemical colorant so I thought about colouring the dough with berries!

Here is the result!

I hope you'll enjoy this instructable!



You will need:

For the dough:

210g of flour

20g of sugar

80g of coconut oil

50g of raspberry (fresh or frozen)

50g of blueberry (fresh or frozen)

For the filling:

5 apples

1 spoon of sugar

80g nuts

audreyobscura2 months ago
This looks pretty tasty, wasn't sure what to expect when I saw your project title as chemical free :P
Louissia (author)  audreyobscura2 months ago
Ahah yes English is not my first language please how would you say to be more correct?
I think Vegan Purple Pie is a strong title! :)
Looks like a lovely pie! I love how you were able to get the colors without food coloring :)