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Picture of Coffee Pod Rack
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My lovely wife bought me a Nespresso-style coffee pod machine for Christmas, but she recently started objecting to the way I store my pods.

Do something about it, she said. Make a rack for them or something.

So I did.

Step 1: Needful things

Picture of Needful things

As well as the files attached to this step, I cut the rack from 3mm plywood (three sheets 400x300mm), PVA glue and clear spray lacquer.

You can cut yours out of whatever materials you like (as long as they're 3mm thick), but you'll need different glues and finishes.


Hang on, those holes aren't circles?

It's a design feature. Seriously. I worked out that if the holes were circular, it would be harder to pick the pods out. With the ovals, I have space for my fingertips to reach under the edge of the pod and lift it out.


I drink coffee with just plain milk.

Kiteman (author)  winneremerald121 year ago

I don't think it's a good idea to fill the tank of a pod machine with milk...

That's what refrigerators are for.