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Picture of Colorful Bouncing Garden Flower

This colorful bouncing garden flower is something that has been in the old noggin for about a year now. Last year we gathered the scraps and supplies to make it, but never quite got around to doing it. In fact, it actually started out as an idea for a windmill, but I had some problems getting the roller bearings to work how I wanted them to, so it became a bouncing flower instead. We still dig it though.

Here is a short video that shows a bit more of each step than we can show in just images:

Step 1: Making The Petals

To make the petals, we started out by drawing on the petal shape that we wanted. We didn't get what we wanted the first time, so we drew another over top of it. Which is okay, because it will get painted later. Each petal was rough cut using a pair of tin snips. It took a little work. We made six total.

To make them look a little nicer and to get rid of the rough, sharp edges, we sanded each petal's edge on the disc sander. A file or sanding block would have worked as well.