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Picture of Comic Book Themed Side Table (that lights up!)
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Hello! The woman needed a side table for her new apartment so I made her one from some salvaged wood, LED strip lights, and a couple other things. This project is also detailed on my own website,, but I'm writing a separate Instructable for all you lovely people.

Since I'm a largely visual person, I try to take enough pictures so that they can illustrate my build process completely on their own. You could possibly ignore all my words and get the idea. Now, enough introduction words. Here's the write-up for you, Instructables!

Step 1: Tools and Materials


- Pine slats (salvaged bed slats)

- Pine square strips (already had)

- Wood glue (already had)

- 1.25" wood screws (~$5)

- Shellac (~$8, not the size in the link)

- Comic book pages from Etsy ($8)

- Acrylic gel medium (already had)

- LED "Warm White" strip lighting ($8)

- Power transformer ($10)

- SPST switch (~$6)

- Light gauge wire (already had)


- "Japanese" pull saw (already had)

- Hand drill (already had)

- Various grits sandpaper (already had)

- Brush (~$10)

The total for this project comes down to about 5 hours of working time, not counting the curing times, and about $55 spent. I already had some materials and most tools, and some others that I had to buy were complete ripoffs but the only ones I could get my hands on in time.

i tried something similar if you want to have a look

wilgubeast5 years ago

I really like how you segmented the comic strips for the tabletop. It imposed some order on what would otherwise have been a cacophony of imagery. (Highfalutin talk for "this looks really cool and now I wanna make one.")

briandamge (author)  wilgubeast5 years ago

I, too, am well-versed in highfalutin languages. And thank you! I was a little worried because it isn't "conventional", but I'm glad it turned out.

This is a good idea for a themed kids room, too.

briandamge (author)  terrefirmax25 years ago