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Picture of Composter with recycled materials

First of all we need to know what a composter is. Well, this ‘machine’ converts the skins and rests of our vegetables, in compost, which will be used in the future to help plants grow.

Step 1: Let’s talk about what we need

Picture of Let’s talk about what we need

Here is a list of all the materials that we are going to use in order to build this recycled compost maker.

  • Four industrial pallets, those will be three of the walls and also the roof of the compost maker. (I went to a factory and they gave me without any problems).
  • Several woods, the length of those is a bit less than the side of the pallet. (I used a door frame, so.. feel free to take some wood that you’ve got around if you don’t want to buy it, it will work the same).
  • A drill, which will be great for screw the screws or attach the nails after. (I don’t have one, but it will help the wood does not break and also we won’t use as much strength).
  • Some screws or nails. (I used some nails, but you can use screws too).
  • Hammer or screwdriver.
  • A third person to hold the pallets while you put them together and to move them later if it is necessary.
PeterM304 months ago
I have a similar design, but I stapled green plastic fencing to keep everything in, and not spill out. I also put old window screen on the bottom, because in my area, trees are very opportunistic, and send roots like you would not believe! I used hook and eyelets to hold it together, this also helps to move the compost, just undo the sides and move it over and shovel the compost over to the the new location/pile. very easy to irritate. Looks very dry, you''ll need lots of water for it to decompose. Good luck!
Belda95 (author)  PeterM304 months ago
Thank you for your feedback, I didn't want tu use any glass in case it breaks, just because if it happens I would be in trouble of taking the cracks out and I would have contaminated the soil and is not what I really want.
Also I haven't got any trees around so that wasn't a problem.
About the water and it being dry is because it's on the campsite and is where I've the plants where I eat from, on the com poster I add dry leaves on top of it every time I put some vegetables on, so the flies don't go, but yes, I water it every lier or week, I said it in step 6 I think. I appreciate your comment and I'll consider some of the things that you've told me if I do it again in the future.
Thank you very much for your time and comment PeterM30. :)
audreyobscura5 months ago
This is awesome! Thanks for sharing your composter!
Belda95 (author)  audreyobscura5 months ago
Thank you, It's my first instructable, I really apreciate your comment. :)
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