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Step 2: The Branch & Wood Designs:

Picture of The Branch & Wood Designs:
Concrete Faux Bois UpCycled Chair - 7.jpg
Concrete Faux Bois UpCycled Chair - 8.jpg
Concrete Faux Bois UpCycled Chair - 9.jpg
Concrete Faux Bois UpCycled Chair - 10.jpg
Concrete Faux Bois UpCycled Chair - 11.jpg

Go look at some trees, really look. Branches are usually reaching upward and get thinner as they go, usually branching out on alternative sides etc. Trees are usually not symmetrical or perfect. I planned a thick branch to travel up and across and added new branches across the seat by first tautly stretching and twisting strong wire. Envision that there will be thicker branches there eventually. Any styrofoam can be used as it will allow it to be lighter and not absorb any moisture in the future.

The leg is like a tree base and curving along. Luckily I have much inspiration available all around me but you can even use the look of old driftwood.

Make sure everything is secured tight and no wires poking out. The plastic gutter mesh was very easy to work with but chicken wire is very similar and works as well.

There, do you see the new branches travelling across the seat?! The pool noodles are wrapped tightly with wire as well.

Can you start to see the trees? Don’t be too fussy as there will be ways to liken it to branches even more later. I had some ‘sneaky’ tricks that will help transform the arms later on so I left them for now.