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Step 5: Adding the Winding Vines:

Picture of Adding the Winding Vines:
Concrete Faux Bois UpCycled Chair-2 - 10.jpg
Concrete Faux Bois UpCycled Chair-2 - 11.jpg
Concrete Faux Bois UpCycled Chair-2 - 12.jpg

You can certainly just stay with having branches as your style but I also love the way vines wrap and spiral around as they grow. My old Honey Suckle arbour gave me much inspiration! To achieve this I employed the same technique as I have used for my draped projects like the Spook; dipping fabric into cement. For the fine texture of vine I used a thinner but still absorbent fabric; cotton flannel sheeting. Rip strips and soak (and massage) well until it is saturated. Run the strip through your fingers and rid the excess.

You can now act like ‘Mother Nature’ and ‘grow’ around the branches, spiralling/twisting upward! It will add a texture that accents the bark of the branches and will also cover any areas you did not want to address with branches.

The wrinkles of the twisted fabric are pretty well already perfect but you can also add in more texture as the portland cement does set much slower.

Any ‘crumbs’ can again be brushed with a dry brush.