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Step 6: Yes, Even More Details!

Picture of Yes, Even More Details!
Concrete Faux Bois UpCycled Chair-2 - 14.jpg
Concrete Faux Bois UpCycled Chair-2 - 15.jpg
Concrete Faux Bois UpCycled Chair-2 - 16.jpg
Concrete Faux Bois UpCycled Chair-2 - 17.jpg

Yes, I know I tend to be quite detail oriented! That’s the curse of being an artist.

It’s not just ‘fake wood’, it’s also fake (faux) leaves. But these are the easiest parts ever! I grabbed a few fresh ones nearby and used the RapidSet Cementall again. Mix some of the mix, let it sit for a minute and then it will pliable enough to put on the back of a leaf (much like this project)

Quickly flip it onto a section where it seems natural for a leaf to grow from vine.

This can fill some small sections where you don’t want to add branch/vein details. I love how this adds a different design to the piece and all my own design. I have not seen any of this in the old craft of Faux Bois! Finish up all side with the bark texture, vines and leaves as desired. (make sure to use the proper concrete for each)