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Step 8: Not Done Quite Yet:

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Concrete Faux Bois UpCycled Chair-2 - 21.jpg
Concrete Faux Bois UpCycled Chair-2 - 23.jpg
Concrete Faux Bois UpCycled Chair-2 - 22.jpg
Concrete Faux Bois UpCycled Chair-2 - 24.jpg

As with the post of making concrete look aged I wanted to accentuate the texture. Don’t worry, it’s an super easy paint technique. I really HATE brightly painted concrete, I hate painted concrete period! This step is meant to just get a bit of ‘dirt’ into the crevices. Mix a thin watery mix of some acrylic paint (a warm dark grey/black) and bit of matte medium and liberally let it run into the crevices. Wipe any excess off with a rag.

It will (should) magically just get into the details and not darken the overall much. I aim to keep the surfaces the original weathered grey colour of concrete.

You can use an acrylic meant for exterior use like Patio Paint. Red, yellow, white and black will mix into a warm grey. Since the concrete is rough and very little paint is added it tends to stay quite well.

To further accent the details, dry the brush well and put a tiny amount of a light warm (yellow + red) white on the brush and use a rag to get most off. Then very sparingly rub it across the surface; this is called dry-brushing. It is amazing how much it will give dimension! See here how it just highlights the details. I’d say it’s one of the most valuable painting techniques to learn.

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