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Picture of Concrete Table Lamp

A Stylish Concrete Table Lamp. Super easy to make and looks great.

Step 1: Parts

  1. Cement a 5kg bag was enough for several lamps.
  2. Building sand.
  3. A Metal bulb holder (I used this one).
  4. Blu/White Tack or any other easily removable and moldable putty, even play-doh might work.
  5. One small flowerpot with a flat bottom and no holes (I used this one from Ikea).
  6. A small drinking glass or something of a similar shape (it must be slightly narrower at the base than the top so it can be removed from the casting easily).
  7. A nice big Globe light bulb (I used this one, it has a nice gold tint to the glass).
  8. Some lamp cable (I used a nice yellow one) about 2 meters worked well for me.
  9. A plug with a 2A fuse.
  10. A switch (I used this nice torpedo switch)
seamster11 months ago

I like it, nice and simple, but very cool.