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In this Instructable I’m going to show you how I made a concrete and acrylic LED lamp with a wooden base.

Here I’ll try to embed tiny acrylic pieces into concrete, which will guide the light from the LED light source to the concrete surface.



Step 1: Cutting the Acrylic and the Styrofoam.

Picture of Cutting the Acrylic and the Styrofoam.

The acrylic piece that I’m using is 5 mm thick. I cut around 60 tiny pieces of it on my table saw using the crosscut sled.

For the mold I’m using 10 mm thick Styrofoam board. I marked all the dimensions and cut it using a metal ruler and a utility knife for more precision.

This project is so beautiful and your video presentation was amazing!

very competent technical skills! Very much enjoyed your fabrication techniques. I think this design can lend itself to outdoor objects e.g. garden lighting features. as the voltage is low and concrete is robust enough to withstand the weather. Have you considered optical fibers instead of acrylic strips? Acrylic will work well but a lot of work involved especially if you consider that a more polished end is required to capture optimal light from the LED source. In any case, well done on a well executed project!

deemon3281 year ago

Thanks for the very nice video and post! It's quite a nice result!

gremilin1 year ago

Simply amazing!!

I love the process of this almost as much as the finished lamp! :D