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Picture of Condensation Risk Evaluator
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Hi everyone, I work as a builder even though I've been always really interested in new technologies.

I've learned a little about 3d printing, Arduino and electronic issues reading a lot. I visit this web regularly so I would like to make my little contribution.

In my job sometimes it is not so easy to know the reason of the moisture in a wall which causes unhealthy environments.

This project will help us to distinguish between a water leak and a condensed moisture.

To achieve it, I had the idea to monitor with a data logger the following values over a period of time :

-Environmental humidity

-Ambient temperature

-Temperature of the wet area

Those values allow us to realise if the temperature of the wet zone has been under the dew point. That means that the condensation is the cause of the humidity.

Although a termographic camera would make this work, there are two reasons why I have made this project:

1.-They are very expensive

2.-the moment of the measurement could not be the right one to get the datas due to the changes of the values over the day.

I hope this project could help someone.

Step 1: Bill of Material

Picture of Bill of Material

-arduino nano data logger
-arduino nano v3 (clon)
-OLED display 0,96 ssd1306
-Humidity and temperature sensor DHT22
-Infra red Temperature sensor Mlx90614
-2 batteries 18650 3500mah
-case for 2 batteries
-some wire ,tin welding y PLA filament
Total acount less than 30€

Thanks for sharing your first instructable! :) This seems like a handy tool to have around.
Ppcast (author)  WeTeachThemSTEM4 months ago
Thank you very much ;)