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Picture of Conjuring Annabelle Costume! HALLOWEEN UPDATE!

I always let my kids pick their Halloween costumes. While I never know HOW we will make it happen, I just know that we WILL make it happen. (Be sure to check out my son's costume this year as well: Trick 'r Treat Sam).

This year my daughter - who usually picks a complicated make-up - decided to go with a mask based costume. She came to me with the challenge of a full head, sculpted mask when she decided to be Annabelle from The Conjuring and the titular spinoffs.

Step 1: Time to Scare the Neighbors!


Here's a look at Halloween night! Keep reading to see how we made Annabelle come to life!

MJ cosplay10 months ago
So great!
Intofx (author)  MJ cosplay9 months ago
jessyratfink10 months ago
SO CREEPY! I loved seeing the mask come together - this is such a great build!
Intofx (author)  jessyratfink10 months ago
AndrewA16710 months ago
Thank you for sharing this; I am amazed at your creative talent! Even the early clay sculptures were pretty scary looking (I'd find them pretty creepy just sitting out - especially if you got up in the middle of the night to do something). I can't say whether I'll ever make use of anything from this instructable, but I had a fun time reading it.
DIXIE58DIXIE10 months ago
You have great talent and your instructions are so clear that it was easy to follow. I can't wait to try this. Thank you for sharing. Now I just have to go and check out Jason and Predator. Rock On!!
Intofx (author)  DIXIE58DIXIE10 months ago
Thanks for the feedback!
Reidar_Vik10 months ago
Truly good work of art, but why not trying to make the world a more friendly and safer place.
seamster10 months ago
WOW!! This is amazing and perfectly creepy. So well done!
Intofx (author)  seamster10 months ago
Thanks! We had fun making it and I got to blow the dust off of my mask making skills!
hedgesci10 months ago
wicked...I love it. you should have your child sitting outside the door like a decoration and then when they get their candy, reach out to them. you did a great job.
Intofx (author)  hedgesci10 months ago
That's EXACTLY what we plan to do. This weekend I'm going to build her a display case that she can sit in! :) She's going to be the last room in our garage haunt! We give out full-sized candy bars at our house on Halloween... but you will earn it. LOL.