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Picture of Construct a Sideboard From Kitchen Wall Cabinets

To purchase a ready built Sideboard, you not only have to pay for the cabinet but pay again for the factory to cut down the cabinet to the depth of a sideboard.

So to just purchase a sideboard you are paying twice for 1 box.

Interestingly, the depth of conventional wall cabinets is exactly what you need in a Sideboard. No cutting down boxes and paying to get less.


  • At least two wall cabinets, preferably with opposing doors
  • Scrap Lauan plywood
  • 2, 2x4x8
  • 2, 1x2x8
  • sheet of edge glued pine large enough for top
  • Maple "Hobby Wood" strips to band the base
  • Wood Glue
  • Drywall screws
  • #2 Phillips bit on either a drill or impact driver
  • 16ga nailer, electric, air, or impulse
  • Some type of saw, hand or skill saw
  • square or miter saw
  • 12", 18", 24" squeeze clamps (You can never have too many clamps!)
  • pipe clamp long enough to span the width of the cabinets
  • If you are refinishing:
  • Citristrip as needed
  • "Old Masters" Natural Stain
  • "Old Masters" Satin Poly
  • "Old Masters" Gloss Poly
  • "Old Masters" Dark Walnut Stain

Step 1: Clamping the Cabinets Together

Picture of Clamping the Cabinets Together

We started with two vintage Scheirich wall cabinets.
We aligned the fronts of the two cabinets and clamped them together. Note that it may be necessary to insert a thin filler piece between the cabinets to keep the face frames aligned when screwing the two cabinets together with drywall screws.