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In this Instructable I’m going to show you how I made a wine rack out of pine wood and copper pipe. It can hold 1 bottle and 3 glasses.

The design of this wine rack is quite simple, and it took me only a day to build it. It consists of 3 pieces of wood, and 4 copper pipes which connect everything together.



Step 1: Creating the Design

Picture of Creating the Design

To start with this project I drew the design onto 3 pieces of paper with all the details included.

You can find all the dimensions onto the template above.

I chose pine wood, because it is a cheap soft wood, I can easily cut it and shape it, and I can paint it whatever color I want.

To make cutting much easier, I stuck the paper onto the wooden board with an all-purpose glue stick.

JosephC2461 year ago

How do you keep the copper from retarnishing? Maybe a coat of lacquer or poly?

huuduc521 year ago

It is very nice. Thank you for make it.

Jadem521 year ago

Nice project, looks so professional!

MarlenaT1 year ago

Very nice. Subscribed.

rayp15111 year ago

I like this style a lot better then the one where you put the board on top of the bottle. This is much nicer to my eye. Well done.