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Picture of Crystal Decorative Lamp

To begin this project, you will need a few materials and tools.

  • Latex-free Disposable Gloves
  • X-Acto Knives
  • Corrugated Plastic Sheets
  • Plastic Cups with measurements
  • Plastic Stirring Utensils
  • 2 Part Epoxy Resin
  • Resin Coloring (Optional)
  • Model of a Large Crystal
    • Foam Core Board (If you will make your own crystal model)
    • 3D Printer (If you want to print my 3D models provided)
  • Double-sided Foam Tape
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • 2 Part Silicone for Mold Making
  • Scrapped USB cord (For taking apart and rewiring)
  • 1-3 small LEDs
  • Electrical Tape or Heat Shrink Wire Insulators.
  • Wire Strippers
  • Soldering Iron (Optional)
  • Dremel or Drill
  • Heat Gun or Hairdryer

Step 1: First Step: Crystal Model

Picture of First Step: Crystal Model

You will need a crystal to make a mold out of! For this, you can use a large crystal you already have, or you can make your own.

The first way you can make your own is to cut out a net on Foam Core Board. I have provided some net templates that you can print out largely on a sheet of paper then use an X-Acto Knife to cut out on foam core board. On solid black lines, cut all the way through, and on gray lines, cut half way through. Do this all on one side, then fold up the net to form a crystal, and use hot glue to seal the edges and close any gaps.

The second way you can make a crystal is to 3D print one! I have some models to provide, free of charge, of crystals. With these, you can skip step. They are in the attached files and there are preview pictures, click on "2 More Images".

Other ideas of how to make your crystal:

  • Model one out of clay, using a knife or wire to get flat edges and a spoon, knife or sculpting tool to carve a semi-oval out of the bottom. I highly recommend coating it with a few layers of Mod Podge or some type of sealant.
  • Carve an old candle to get a wax crystal
  • Be creative but make sure whatever you make will be sturdy enough to be pulled on and wiggled out of the silicone mold!
  • Make sure that if you are making your own crystal, leave a hole in the bottom like you see in the 3D models. This will make the light shine through the crystal better.
UdyRegan2 months ago
I have never tried working with epoxy before because of a minor mishap that had happened before to a family member. However, your instructions look so simple not to follow. I think I might just give this project a try.
maniCANdan4 months ago
creative ...remembering super man crystal stones
MFeliccia (author)  maniCANdan4 months ago
I'm glad my project can give a bit of nostalgia.
This is a really neat project! Thanks for sharing. :)
MFeliccia (author)  WeTeachThemSTEM4 months ago
Always glad to share my new ideas!