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Picture of Custom Rod Building: Multiple Rod Dryer

Hello Instructables,

Wow it has been a long time since I posted a project. A lot has changed since my last project. I have 2 handsome little boys, I started and currently running a small business in custom fishing rods and repair, I even have gotten sponsored for my rod building craft. It has been amazing. But you know the whole time I have been doing this, I have been thinking about you, and the people that are on here. The community here is so special and so I want to get back to sharing my projects. So he we go...

Sorry, the first one back is for those, DIY fisherman, but if you do lure crafting and/or jewelry making, or anything that requires something to be turned while it sets or hardens, then this is for you too. I needed a multiple rod dryer for my fishing rod business, more specific, a 4 rod dryer. It has been a thought for some time now so I decided to build it. Yes, I could of bought it, but I really wanted to try my hand at some easy woodworking and some easy electrical setups. The goal of this build was to successfully build a dryer that would hold 4 rods, have a main on/off switch, along with each rod having their own on/off switch. And yes it was a success.

Step 1: Videos for Those Video Learners

OK, so I thought to myself I need to make a video and a document on this project. So I made 2 lengthy videos explaining the in's and out's to this build. Come along as I show you how I come up with almost everything on how to build this dryer. I wanted you (viewers) to feel like you were there with me brainstorming, how it was going to work. AND you really were right there with me. I had an idea and I really didn't know how exactly it was going to turn out so I took a shot and here it is.

Why are they so long...

I felt, in order to express my passion and communicate the proper steps, I had to make it more hands on then entertaining; therefore longer.

Why is this Instructables so short...

Well because of the videos being so long. This is for those wanting to try a build like this, to be able to come and get the schematics of the supports, bases, electrical, when ever they feel like it.

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PhilipH48 months ago
I've started using a 5 minute clear two part epoxy which has enabled me to get the thick application that I want, in one step without the need to use any kind of turner, and its all over in literally 5 minutes. I realize its not the original way of doing things, but its not bad.
ABCass1 (author)  PhilipH48 months ago
If you like a thicker application, I would recommend using a “high build” epoxy made specifically for rod building. 5 minute epoxies are fine for attaching such things as grips or reel seats, but for threads, it’s sets too fast to properly penetrate and soak into the threads. In addition it is very stiff and not flexible which can lead to breaks... BUT these special epoxies weren’t available “back in the day” and builders of that generation didn’t have access to dryers like we do, so they resorted to applying multiple thin layers of 5 minutes epoxy, which seem to work then. Thanks for sharing!
audreyobscura8 months ago
This is a really clever application and smart design! Well done!
ABCass1 (author)  audreyobscura8 months ago
Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.