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Picture of Cyborg Beast Hand

Ever want to lend a helping hand to people who need them?

The Cyborg Beast Hand is a 3D printed prosthetic hand from the non-proft organization e-NABLE. Designed by Jorge Zuniga, users push against the prosthetic with their wrists to make the fingers bend. e-NABLE also offers many different models on their website for people who have different needs and preferences. I received the idea of doing e-NABLE Prosthetics after our engineering teacher, Ms. Berbawy, introduced it to our Principles of Engineering class. My partner and I decided that we would pursue it as our Side Project and worked together for the past few months creating our own prosthetic hands. We have now received badges for our prosthetics, meaning we will continue to create more hands and eventually for clients of our own.


  • Cyborg Beast Hand Materials Kit

Tools Necessary:

  • 3D Printer and Filament (PLA)
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors
  • Screwdriver
  • Sand paper
  • Exacto knife

Step 1: Printing the Parts

Picture of Printing the Parts
image (1).png

The STL files can be found by this website.

You will need to 3D print 4 finger phalanges, 4 fingers with or without bumps, 1 thumb phalanges, 1 thumb, 1 normal gauntlet WITH tensioners (Very Important), and 1 right or left palm.

Suggested print settings are shown on the e-NABLE website. The settings are shown from the pictures attached to this post. When I decided to 3D print, I used "Zelda," one of our Ultimaker 2+ 3D printers, under the surveillance of my classmate Sai Kesari. I used Polylite PLA in the color "True Green" for the entire prosthetic, but you can use any color you desire.

To look at other models of prosthetics by e-NABLE or are interested in them, please go to this link.

gm2805 months ago
Interesting project to say the least. I realize we have tendons on both top and bottom of our hand and finger joints. But we also have the ability to spread our fingers and even turn our thumbs to a degree that man has yet to mimic with trying to build a duplicate. But it is getting there one day that keeps the interest. Thumbs Up, pardon the pun....
jessyratfink5 months ago
This is a great write up of the whole building process! What a great company to work with. :)