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Having seen the Instructables plastic competition I was inspired to put in an entry and this was when I saw some of these Nerf IX-1 going cheap at the local supermarket in the build up to Christmas. I've seen a few conversions that make these toys look like real guns but one of my favourite films is District - 9 which if you havent seen it (????) feautures a lot of alien weaponry and with that, the NERF-9 was born.

To pull this one off I was going to need a fair few 3D printed parts and I've included these for download, as well as some tips I have picked up when making models that might be of use. Plus a bit of weathering and modelling and you could apply this to any Mod you might be making.

Step 1: Start With a NERF

Picture of Start With a NERF

So of course the first step is to take the thing apart, pictures taken now will help a lot when trying to get it back together again. The trigger mechanism was one that took a few attempts before I referred back to this picture, there is also a spring on the slide that you can see top left which needs to be placed back when re-assembling.

ForrestW9 months ago
I really hope someone makes District 10
Ajaxjones (author)  ForrestW9 months ago
Congratulations for winning the Tinkercad Judges Prizes!

Your weathering techniques are very interesting. Thanks for sharing.
BayRatt9 months ago
That is amazing! So well done. I love District 9. You did it justice.
Nice job mate.
Jake_Makes10 months ago
Great job! it look awesome