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Tim had a special guest join him for the holidays, his brother William!! Of course they decided they had to make something. So, the Monkey Bomb helmet from Black Ops 4 Zombies was just the thing. This was a pretty straight forward build: foam, carving foam, and a lot of Dad jokes! FYI this instructable is rated T for teens (lol)

Step 1: Backpack and Inventory

Picture of Backpack and Inventory

Things you'll need to carry:
Eva foam -tip: we used the puzzle piece floor Mat's from harbor frieght
Exacto knife (careful it's sharp!)
Heat gun
Contact cement
Face mask, gloves, and googles for safety
Paint - white, green, brown, red, dark green
Various paint brushes
Rags - wipe off excess paint
Hot glue/glue gun
Clear coat spray paint
Sticks - commonly found in the backyard (Sorry Stewie, none for you to munch on!)
Thicker foam - more like the stuff you'd use to fill a couch cushion. You can find this at any craft store or some walmarts.
Painters tape - hold parts together until the glue drys
Cristine - a mannequin bust that has been thru and seen a lot of Halloweens. Poor Cristine.