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Hi, in this instructable I show you how I made a pirate ship.

For this project I used cardboard from pizza boxes, egg cartons, hot glue, thread, super glue and paint.

It took me about 5 days to finish, working a couple of hours daily.

Step 1: Making the Patterns

I started by designing the patterns. I had some idea of what I want to create so I drew the profile of the ship, then the top view of the deck. The ribs of the ship were a little bit of a guessing game, knowing only two dimensions from the side view and the top view. You can see the result translated in 10 images containing the patterns I will be using in the following steps. All 10 pages are in A4 format (297x210 mm) so try to use them without changing the aspect ratio. My cardboard was 2 mm thick and used two pieces for each pattern, so the thickness you see there is 4 mm (except for the orange one which is the main line of the boat and made it in 4 layers, 8 mm thick). You may have to adjust some of the patterns if you use a thicker or thinner cardboard.

MaxiR818 days ago
Could you tell me the measures please I need to do it before 4 days
RillaRill made it!1 month ago
Thank you for creative idea. I can't wait to try to do your other projects.
sashababo2 months ago
Check this amazing cardboard projects
LeidganJ made it!2 months ago
I had a lot of trouble, but I did it. my difficulties were not to possess the ideal materials. the cardboard was not malleable and I only had string. so the boat got a little dented. but I think it was reasonable.

I'm from Brazil.
medag med2 months ago
quels sont les dimensions de chaque pièce ainsi que le nombre
TốngG12 months ago
Thank you !I come from Vietnam
JRCapellan made it!2 months ago
Hello!, everyone.
I made this ship adding some details like a rudder, anchor, boat baton, pirate flag and emblem and the name of the ship. Thanks to creative mom for sharing her project.
Hola. Los moldes son de tamaño carta? Es para llevarlos a imprimir.
BeccaP9 made it!3 months ago
Little bit different but was fun to make.
ruthag3 months ago
there are no measurements for the drawings !! where are the measurements ??
Creative Mother (author)  ruthag3 months ago
All the patterns are on A4 pages. So you only need to download them from Step 1 and print them. A4 it's an universal format and has 210x297 mm
carloscarf3 months ago
Porque ao clicar em baixar em pdf você pede pra verificar meu email?
Creative Mother (author)  carloscarf3 months ago
você não precisa baixar o pdf. Você só precisa dos padrões. Vá para o passo 1 e você terá um arquivo zip "patterns". Baixe isso
carloscarf3 months ago
porque não consigo receber os downloads dos moldes em pdf no meu email?
TanyaK514 months ago
going to start this today. wish me luck. :) will let you'll know how it goes
DrCangrejo4 months ago
Amazing! I'm going to try to do it in wood with my kiddo.
obadaa Mualla4 months ago
If this graphic It is possible be placed in a file to be downloaded and printed, it will be easy to implement the project because the drawing method is very difficult
Creative Mother (author)  obadaa Mualla4 months ago
Done. There is a zip file in the first step.
Thank you very much ..

Keep going .. :)
mijohns34 months ago
Incredible work! Would it be possible for you to upload the pages of the cut sheets by themselves? It is difficult for some of us to take them out of the pdf file and scale them to the correct size.
Really enjoyed watching you make it.
Did you have a measurement ship for details?
rasheed.jabri made it!4 months ago
اشكر جهودكم
Camacho084 months ago
Really nice! Incredible I will tried to create it
TaherT45 months ago
But beautiful work!!!! Thank
annette2ya5 months ago
Love it.... I just can't download... it ALL wants me to buy something or download a program... where is the file????? so I opted out... sorry... it's too difficult for me to get the file to even start the project.... will watch video in slow motion... and make my own I guess...

But beautiful work!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!
Creative Mother (author)  annette2ya5 months ago
Hi, Thank you! But why would you try to download the whole pdf? That option is only available to premium users. You only need the patterns so just go to each pattern picture and download it individually
Lina Maria5 months ago
I love it!
JamieC19825 months ago
Just wanted to say what a genius idea the ship was... I absolutely love them and it is definatly a great way to use up old cardboard boxes etc. Great job
HomegiftVN25 months ago
Great idea, awesome work!
If you want an wood style with high detail quality we can look at here:

ecsaul236 months ago
Voted, awesome work
Great idea and a beautiful execution!
Insolitis6 months ago
Very impressive! The result is beautiful you are very talented!
pgs0709476 months ago
I like card models.
Scale models of buildings that I've seen somewhere.
Another favorite are the card models of railway buidings like Superquick.
Amazing just how strong cardboard can be when used the way you have. Looks good enough to sail.
Tarantula36 months ago
You are a champion
LenaI6 months ago
Waouh, it's amazing ! Thank you !
Vapowrite6 months ago
It is really beautiful......i was having a very bad day (like the worst of my life) and seeing this made me feel better..... It is really spectacular...... Very amazing.... Hats off!!!
maxglitz6 months ago
I've done some wood sculptures that have ended up in museums, if that matters here, because I'm about to praise the high heaven out of this. Your eye for design and color allows you to enhance even the rough edges of the cardboard and letting it contribute to an aged look that ROCKS this boat. You've managed to let the raw material be proud of itself with good reason. That's just brilliant. Congratulations.
Mad Props6 months ago
Excellent from construction to paint. Great job.
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