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Vintage Concrete Desk Lamp .00_08_31_02105.Still020.jpg

I am a big fan of blending materials, and I want to show you how approachable this project can be. I think this process can open up a world of ideas for your next project. With a few simple materials and a few hours of your time you too can create an amazing lamp or planter from concrete.


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Step 1: Making the Forms

Picture of Making the Forms
Vintage Concrete Desk Lamp .00_01_43_39243.Still001.jpg
Vintage Concrete Desk Lamp .00_01_46_39311.Still002.jpg
Vintage Concrete Desk Lamp .00_02_07_44940.Still003.jpg

After cutting all the parts to make this DIY concrete form, mark the location for the screws. Next, drill a piolet hole add the screws. If you want nice round corners now is an excellent time to add silicone.

Now that you have a box, you will need to add a bottom. Although you can use wood screws to attach the bottom, hot glue works well.

For an even easier solution, you can use a juice carton. There are two downsides I see with this method. First thing is the sides are flimsy and may require some additional support to keep its shape. The next thing to know is the concrete will take the shape of the form. Meaning all connecting points and imperfection in the cartoon will show up in the cured concrete.

Perfect! As always..
neilscott1005 months ago
nice idea, i favor blending component, you could make a brass top or inox top to the project and wire up a touch sensor onto that, they cost 1.99 more or less off ebay and are brilliant to dim lights as long as they are filament and not leds, so an old edison non led replica is a good lamp. i use the sensors on steampunk lights i make. that way by interacting with the lamp touching it here and there different things will happen or move or light up, i even build switches into taps so when they turn the wheel they act as a switch rather than a valve. the other thing you could do for a really high quality gloss finish line the mould with vinyl and vibrate the mould on a orbital sander to get the concrete to become more dense and release any trapped air. It also gives a nicer finish for vibrating it for a minute or so when its wet.
timdekker18255 months ago
Very nice! I like the rustic combination of the wood and concrete :)